HM4100 Pressure sensor


Main Technical Data
Pressure Range 0~4bar (Optional 6~10bar)
Static Accuracy ±1.5%FS ( Typical)
Operating Temperature -30°C~100°C
Compensated Temperature 0°C ~ 80°C
Storage Temperature -40°C~80°C
(Vcc) Supply Voltage 5±0.5 VDC
(Vout) Output Voltage 0.5~4.5V (Vout=0.2Vcc(P+0.5))
Overload Pressure 1MPa
Pressure Port G1/4-19
Material of the House PA66-GF30
Protection Class IP65
Media Compatibility non-corrosive Gas & Liquid

Operating Characteristics
1. MEMS Technology
2. High Programmable ASIC which Enhances Reliability
3. Signal Amplified and Temperature Compensated
4. EMI Protection
5.High quality with competitive price

Typical Application
1. Wall-hung Boilers
2. Water Vending Machine
3. Gas Holder
4. Gas Furnace
5. Central air-conditioning
6.Water treating equipment
7.water pump

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Low cost water pressure sensor for Indr Wall-Hung Boilers
0~4bar,0.5~4.5VDC at 5VDC,
CE and ROSH license
Static Accuracy 1.5%

This Water Pressure Sensor is specially designed for matching Indoor Wall-Hung Boilers. Its house is made of PA66-GF30, high strength engineering plastic. Utilizing the latest digital compensation and the
professional sensor technology, this Pressure Sensor is suitable for measuring the pressure of non-corrosive gas and liquid. This water pressure sensor has CE and ROSH license and the leak-proof devise in its construction can ensure its safety.

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