BMS JK 24S 150A Active Balance Protection Board


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Product number : JK-B1A24S15P
Dimensions : 162mm×102mm×20.4mm
Balanced method : Energy Transfer Active Equalization Technology
Number of battery strings : Ternary (12~24 strings) Lithium iron (12~24 strings) Titanic acid (17~24 strings)
Active equalization current : 1A
Continuous discharge current : 150A
Maximum discharge current : 300A
Overcurrent protection : 10~150A adjustable
Overcurrent release time : 2~120S adjustable
Internalresist of maincircuit : 0.5mO
External interface (customized) : RS485/CAN
GPS function (optional) : Choose either GPS or RS485
Bluetooth function : Support Android, Apple

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