Bushnell Speedster V 5 Hand-Held Speed Gun


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The Speedster V is equipped with the latest speed conversion processor and

is a speed gun that can measure the speed of various moving objects such as baseball, tennis balls, construction site vehicles and racing cars with a single touch.

High-sensing sensor

up to 322km / h Maximum accuracy of ± 1km / h

* Maximum accuracy in frontal measurement

● Measurable speed: Ball: 16-177km / h, Car: 16-322km / h

● Maximum speed- sensable distance: Ball : 27m (in the case of baseball, measurement at the ball umpire position is recommended), car: 457m

● Sensitive direction: Both oncoming and distant objects.

Accuracy: ± 1km / h * Maximum accuracy at frontal measurement, ± 2km / h or more * When there is an angle

Power supply: AA alkaline batteries

x 2 (commercially available) Size: Width 109 x Depth 152 x Height

213mm Weight: 539g


Additional information

Weight 750 g


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