F60UA60DN Diode 60A


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Deskripsi F60UA60DN Diode 60AFeatures
• Ultrafast Recovery, Trr < 90 ns (@ IF = 30 A)
• Max Forward Voltage, VF = 2.2 V (@ TC = 25°C)
• 600V Reverse Voltage and High Reliability
• Avalanche Energy Rated
• RoHS Compliant
• Boost Diode in PFC and Switching Mode Power Supply
• Welding, UPS and Motor Control
The FFAF60UA60DN is an ultrafast ll dual diode with low forward
voltage drop and rugged UIS capability. This device is intended for
use as freewheeling and clamping diodes in a variety of switching
power supplies and other power switching applications. It is specially
suited for use in switching power supplies and industrial applicationa
as welder and UPS application.

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