GY-26 Compass Sensor Module for GPS Navigation


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GY-26 electronic compass use manual (IIC + serial) Outline GY-26 is a low-cost, number of planes Word compass module. Low input voltage, power Small consumption, small size. The working principle is By the magnetic sensor in the two mutually perpendicular Axis sensing the magnetic component of the earth’s magnetic field, To get the azimuth angle, the compass RS232 protocol, and IIC protocol and its Communication devices. The product is of high precision, High stability. Cut and has re-calibration Function, can be obtained at an arbitrary position Accurate azimuth, of its output Potter Rate is 9600bps, continuous output with exercise Q output in two ways, with the magnetic declination Compensation function, can adapt to different working Environment. Features (1), small size, technology parameters (2) cost-effective Name Parameter Measuring range 0 ~ 360 Resolution 0.1 Measurement accuracy 1 Repeat accuracy 1 Response frequency 25 HZ Operating voltage 3 ~ 5 V Operating current 5 V – 15mA 3V – 8 mA Operating Temperature -20 to 85 Storage Temperature -40 ~ 125 Size 25.6mm 25.6mm (3), serial and IIC output format Third, product application (1), handheld instrumentation (2), robot navigation, positioning (3), navigation system (4), marine autopilot (5), Yagi antenna positioning (6), in-car GPS wire (7), HM directional


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