Keyence Fs-V11 + optic fu-35 original line sensor sumo robot


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Deskripsi Keyence Fs-V11 + optic fu-35 original line sensor sumo robotCharacteristics

Sensitivity by pressing buttons on a fast automatic set / remote sense of setting; 0.5 ms following a high-speed response, external synchronization input, mutual interference protection, self diagnostic function; built in output end overcurrent protection and power reverse connection protection circuit; built-in delay function (fixed 40ms); automatic selection of light on / dark on mode, suitable for small object detection

Response time

Maximum 0.5 milliseconds (the first frequency type)

Maximum 0.5 ms (1), maximum 0.05 MS (frequency type 2)

Rated power supply

12 24VDC to 10% (P-P Ripple: Max.10%)

Current consumption

Maximum 40mA

Maximum 45mA

Using light source

Red light emitting diode (modulation)


2 adjusting device (coarse, fine)

Automatic adjustment

Action mode

ON Dark and ON Light are selected by the control line

Automatically set ON Light and ON Dark

Control output

NPN universal: output – > Load Voltage: 30V, maximum load current:.200mA, voltage:.1V maximum residue

Protection circuit

Reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection

Indicator light

Action indicator: red LED

STAB: target in the stable detection area when the green indicator light, when the output: red light


Cable connection

Insulation resistance

20M Min (500VDC)


Line 240V at pulse band 1US of noise simulation power

Voltage resistance

50/60Hz 1000VAC a minute

Anti vibration

10 55Hz 1.5mm (cycle per minute) complex amplitude X to, Y, Z in the direction of 2 hours

Impact resistance

500M/S2 (50G) X, Y, Z 3 times in all directions

Environmental illumination

Solar light: 11000 Lux.Max., fluorescent lamp: 3000 Max. Lux.

Ambient temperature

Use: to +60 -10 (not frozen)

Storage: to +70 -25 (not frozen)

Ambient humidity

Use: 35 to 85% RH

Storage: 35 to 85% RH

Material Science

Shell: ABS,



4P, diameter 5mm, length: 2m

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