Lidar laser radar 360 degree laser radar scanning MB_1R2T_LIDAR_Demo


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A quick Python Demo for the MB_1R2T LIDAR Module (available from AliExpress) to visualise the output graphically.

Connect the LIDAR Module via an USB-RS232 adapter. The 5V can be sourced directly from the USB port, the motor control signal is optional and can be left unconnected.
Change the port name in line 19 to the appropriate interface.
Run the python script

Disassemble the machine and the color is very good. 360-degree rotating scanning lidar,
The internal workmanship and materials are very good,
The head of the radar scanning movement is processed by a whole piece of aluminum CNC, and the main control chip is STM32F302C8T6,
Radar rotation adopts wireless power supply + infrared on-beam signal transmission,
Avoided the earlier slip ring wear problem,
This radar works directly after powering on 5V,
The serial port outputs data directly,
It also supports external radar speed control function pins, and the speed control does not need to be connected.
Currently the radar does not know the data format,
The shop owner doesn’t know how to convert codes,
I only know that when the radar is connected to the serial port board, the data can be read with the computer serial port assistant.
The radar weighs about 170 grams, and the terminal interface is an 8P 2.0 pitch terminal.
Generally, only 3 terminals are sufficient,
The shop owner has not customized the 8P line yet.
A 4P cable is included with random colors.

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