LiFePo4 50Ah 3.2V


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Battery type: lithium iron phosphate
Product name: LiFePo4 battery cell
Model Number: 3.2V 50ah 160Wh/VAh
Nominal Voltage: 3.2V
Rated Capacity: 50Ah
Minimum Capacity: 50ah
Brand Name: EVE
Class: Class A +
Quality: 100% brand new
Housing material: aluminum
Internal Resistance: less than 0.8mΩ
Recommended constant current: 25A (0.5c)
Releasing cutting voltage: 2.5V
Maximum charging voltage: 3.65V
Maximum continuous discharge current: 150A (3C)
Constant current: 25A (0.5c)
Charging method: CC/CV
Charging voltage: 3.65V
Charging temperature: 0~55 °C
Discharge temperature: -20~55 °C



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