MACH3 4 Axis Ethernet CNC Controller 200KHZ Motion Control Card NVEM


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Nvem does not support spindle speed feedback(INDEX)

1. Performance parameter
1) Can control up to 3/4/5/6 stepper motor at the same time.
2) Support Motor: Servo motor, Stepper motor.
3) With 12 channel programmable input port.
4) With 10 channel programmable output port.
5) 1 channel standard MPG interface
6) PWM output control
7) Ethernet interface, support MACH3 software
8) DC electrical isolation
9) Optocoupler isolation
10) Up to 200KHz stepper motor control pulse output

1) Support Ethernet;
2) 12 ports photoelectric isolated input interface for ordinary digital data;
3) 10 ports photoelectric isolated output interface for ordinary digital data;
4) 1 port 0-10V spindle speed analog output interface(can change to PWM output);
5) Can support 3-6 axis stepper systems,200KHz pulse output for every axis;
6) ARM motion control chip;
7) Main device is 12V-32VDC power supply input,current should higher than 0.5A;
8) Compatible with MPG input,support the digital display MPG from our company.

Product wiring section and interface summary

As the figure showed,the connection of the controller includes power supply interface,Ethernet connection interface,MPGinterface,Stepper/Servo control output interface,spindle control output interface, Estop and limited switch and tool setting input interface and so on. Now we descript them in details as below.

2.1) Stepper motor control interface

No.1 terminal block is 6 axis stepper driver control output interface, from left to right,there are X,Y,Z,A,,B,C 6 axis output, it’s common anode,the cable connection for each axis is COM+/CP-/DIR-, COM is common+ ,CP is Pulse-, DIR is direction-.Connection showed as Figure 2-3.COM+ connect with the SP+ and DIR+.


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