RFID Reader Writer 125KHz (H-ID/AW-ID/EM-ID) Windows support


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Allows the use to read write & copy three type Low Frequency (125kHz)RFID credentials(H-ID,AW-ID,EM-ID)
Write indented UID with FC & number onto rewritable keycards/keyfobs from FissaiD, will not write other suppiler’s cards
Read-Copy function reads 125K Proximity Card AW-ID/H-ID/EM-ID all format UID then simple duplicate onto FissaiD cards/fobs
Fobs & cards are wroten into 1386 number, Can be read on reader which 1326 cards works or Re-write on this RFID programmer
RFID writer MUST work with windows software, ONLY Write card/fobs from FissaiD,(Will reject other 3rd part supplier’s card, suce as 5577 etc), Befor purchaing, download PC software and try it first, if you can not use the program, do not buy



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