RoboSense RS-LiDAR-16 3D Laser Range Finder


RS-LiDAR-16 3D Laser Range Finder: high-performance mapping

This 360° RS-LiDAR-16 ROS compatible laser range finder developed by Robosense has 16 high-resolution laser beams operating at a rotational speed of up to 1,200 rpm. The data collected by the LiDAR is sent at a rate of 320,000 points per second, giving you a most accurate perception of its surrounding environment and at optimum speed.

The digital technology used to process the data and the algorithms integrated for calculating distances ensure an accuracy to within 2 cm, for a maximum range of 150 m.



Deskripsi RoboSense RS-LiDAR-16 3D Laser Range Finder

## perhatian
Harga real silahkan kontak kami
Software bawaan Lidar hanya untuk melihat fungsi sensor dan masih perlu diolah
Jika ingin memesan software olahan yang sudah diintegrasikan dengan robot dan mobil otonomus silahkan kontak kami .

Technical specifications of the RoboSense 16 Beam Laser Range Finder
ROS compatible
Laser beams: 16
Wavelength: 905 nm
Laser class: 1
Accuracy: ±2 cm
Detection range: 20 cm to 150 m (20% reflectivity)
Data rate: 320,000 pts/s
Field of view (vertical): +15° to -15° (30°)
Angular resolution (vertical): 2°
Field of view (horizontal): 360°
Angular resolution (horizontal/azimuth): 0.09° to 0.36° (5–20 Hz)
Rotational velocity: 300 to 1,200 rpm (5–20 Hz)
Input voltage: 9–32 Vdc
Power consumption: 9W
Protection: IP67
Operating temperature: -10 to +60 °C
Data type: spatial coordinates/intensity
Dimensions: 82.7 mm (H) x 109 mm (φ)
Weight: 840 g (without cables)


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