Robot Orientation Sensor Type Angular Gyroscope TL740D


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General Description
TL740D is RION company newly developed horizontal azimuth angular gyro sensor based on latest MEMS inertial measurement platform , by means of the dynamic attitude algorithm for the angular velocity of gyroscope ,it can simultaneously output carrier’s azimuth angle .The product inernal integrated RION’s Patent Inertial navigation algorithm, through the model of attitude angle data fusion , can solve the gyro short time drift problem as much as possible .

This product is specially used for robot car, AVG vehicle azimuth orientation, attitude control and other related applications of the UAV, instead of the traditional robot vehicle magnetic bar guide shortcomings, no need at the site layout of magnetic stripe, is the necessary navigation components for the next generation of robot vehicle automatic tracing and driving.

Key Features

Azimuth angle output Strong vibration resistance Light weight
Long life,strong stability Cost-effective All solid state
Compact & light design TTL RX TX DC9~36V power supply


AGV truck Car Navigation 3D virtual reality
Platform stability Auto safety system UAV
Turck-mounted satellite antenna equipment Industrial control
TL740D —Technical Data
Mesuring range Azimuth Angle (±180)
Acquisition bandwidth (Hz) >100
Resolution(°) 0.01
Azimuth accuracy (°/min) <0.1
Nonlinear 0.1% of FS
Max angle rate (°/s) 150
Accelerometer range (g) ±4
Acceleroemter resultuion(g) 0.001
Acceleroemter accuracy(mg) 5
Starting time(s) 5(Static)
Input Voltage(V) +9~36V
Current (mA) 60(12V)
Working Temp.(ºC) -40 ~ +85
Storage Temp(ºC) -40 ~ +85
Vibration(g) 5g~10g
Impact(g) 200g pk,2ms,½sine
Working life 10 years
Output rate 5Hz,15Hz,25Hz,50Hz can set
Output signal TTL RX/TX
MTBF ≥50000 hours /times
Insulation resistance ≥100 Megohm


Additional information

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