Smart PID Motor controller brushed 12-28Vdc


Precise control for your brushed DC motors.

A Smart PID Motor Controller is a device that allows for precise control of brushed DC motors. The PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) control algorithm helps to ensure that the motor speed or position accurately tracks the desired setpoint. This type of controller is typically used in applications that require high precision, such as robotics, CNC machines, and 3D printers.

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smart motor driver with PID
PG28 + ecncoder
PG36 + encoder
PG45 + encoder

encoder suport 7ppr -1000ppr

Voltage : 12-28Vdc
Suport : Current control, speed control , position control
Control : Canbus / PWM 50Hz servo

untuk download GUI dan Manual booknya silahkan cek disini.

Untuk manual booknya

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Weight 150 g


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