TB6600 drive 5A HY-DIV268N-5A


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Deskripsi TB6600 drive 5A HY-DIV268N-5AHY-DIV268N-5A subdivision-type two-phase hybrid stepping motor drive using DC 12 ~ 48V power supply, suitable for drive

Two-phase hybrid stepping motor dynamic voltage 12 to 48V, the current is less than 5A outer diameter of 35 to 86 mm. This drive using the drive’s current loop subdivision control, the motor torque ripple is very small, low-speed running is very smooth, almost no vibration and noise. High-speed torque is much higher than other two-phase drive, high positioning accuracy. Widely used in the engraving machine, CNC machine tools, packaging machinery and other high resolution requirements on the device.

The main features

– average current control, two-phase sinusoidal current drive output

– DC 12 ~ 48V power supply, the internal integration of 12V and 5V regulator

– optically isolated signal input / output

– overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, and white short-circuit protection

– Input voltage DC 12 ~ 48V input

– The input current of 1 to 5 amps, select the drive a stepper motor.

– Output current of 0.2A ~ 5A

– Temperature Operating Temperature -10 to 45 C; Storage temperature -40 C to 70 C

– Humidity not condensing, not drops

– Gas prohibit combustible gas and conductive dust

– Weight 200 grams

Control signal interface

– Figure 1 is a wiring schematic of the drive

– 1, the definition of control signals

PUL +: step pulse signal is input side or the positive pulse signal input positive terminal

PUL-: the negative input of the negative input pulse signal or a positive pulse signal

DIR +: stepping direction signal input to the positive terminal or negative pulse signal input to the positive terminal

DIR -: stepping direction signal input of the negative side or reverse step pulse sig

Additional information

Weight 300 g