XL6009 DC-DC Step Up Boost Converter 4A Booster Module


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Merupakan kebalikan dari module LM2596 (stepdown), Moule ini berfungsi untuk menaikan tegangan, dekan ukuran yang compact (ukuran setara dengan LM2596).Specification:
-> Input voltage: 5V-32V
-> Output voltage: 4V-38V
-> Modules Type: Non-isolated step-up (Boost)
-> Rectification: Non-synchronous rectification
-> High switching frequency 400KHz
-> Rated Output Current: 3.0A
-> Peak Output Current: 4.0A
-> Module size: 43mm x 21mm x 14mm (L x W x H)
-> Input mode: IN + input positive level, IN-input negative
-> Efficiency: Up to 94%


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